What’s your most-missed-feature-ranking?


I would like to know, what are your most-missed-features in QubesOS right now?

With this thread I don’t want to complain about the development or the decisions made by the developer! I only want to know, which features are important for other users to make QubesOS the best of the best!

Inspired from this post What's your most-missed-feature-ranking? - Feature Requests - Signal Community

See here: Major UX Pain Points.


A more useful menu like the one that’s being developed:

And an Integrated Oboarding tutorial (but I am bisased for this as it’s what I’m working on).


Oh you took my modified version @deeplow ^^

But yeah for me it’s a new design and gpu pass-through official support.

  • better power management for Notebooks
    • Xen ACPI processor
  • Support for Intel Hyperthreading
  • storage domain out of dom0 (and gui of course, but that is coming)
  • safe boot

Do you mean secure boot? If that’s the case it is explained in the the FAQ why it’s not supported.

Or do you mean as in a safe boot mode in that all non-essential components are disabled?

i mean this: https://safeboot.dev/
I seems some of the crritique does not apply (use of your own keys instead of ditro keys, etc)
there are issues open: Secure boot support · Issue #4371 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub and Xen / Qubes support · Issue #21 · osresearch/safeboot · GitHub
Some of the xen lack os support is, apparently, being addressed.
Of course, Qubes team has a lot on their hands, and this requires some work, so, let’s be patient.
Of course, if storage domain were outside dom0, this would be simpler, but again, some work…
I would like this, because I do not like anti-evil maid has to expose dom0 to USB - thats the way it is wright now. I find USB atacks creepy :slight_smile:
Right now, the real solution to this is HEADS bios, that works for R4.0
Besides, legacy boot is, apparently, phasing out. UEFI is on the rise and has no advantages (security-wise). If safe boot was possible, I woul switch to UEFI on non-HEADS machines.

One of my most missed feature is more Qubes color

Add 3 new colors, update existing 8 colors · Issue #6752 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub :pray:

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