What Qubes package required to make hvm communicate with other appvms

I have a kali hvm. I can install qubes packages by updating kali’s apt source.list to point at qubes debian repo. What Qubes package do I need to install order to be able to communicate with other appvms from Kali.

I already tried installing qubes-core-agent, qubes-core-agent-networking and qubes-core-qrexec. But I faced a boot hang after the cryptsetup decrypt screen. Did I miss a package? Any ideas guys.

Kali is based on Debian testing, so you need Qubes packages built for
If all you want is qvm-copy etc, then qubes-core-agent is what you want,
and its dependencies.
(Because Kali uses Debian testing you will encounter bugs.)

Thanks @unman. Yes, It was Qubes packages built for bullseye. From this repo,
[arch=amd64] https://deb.qubes-os.org/r4.0/vm bullseye main". Actually all I want is to attach a sys-usb bluetooth headset to Kali. If I attach the usb controller to Kali hvm, the screen hangs on “booting from a harddisk” on boot up. So that’s why I wanted to install the correct Qubes packages that can make sys-usb vm recognize Kali hvm.

I don’t use Kali (some old fight with their hacking lab) but I use Parrot, Pentoo and DragonFly. To communicate between an hvm and Qubes there are several ways:

  1. qvm-create Parrot --class TemplateVM --label blue (there is always more info like encryption, partinioning, file-systems etc)

2 Clone whonix-15-dvm into Parrot-WS
You can switch the 2GB disk of Parrot-WS between templates (qubes manager) Parrot and Whonix as long as you use only the home directory of the 2GB disk.

You can use Dom0 but you eat a lot more brown or you can use a USB stick (obvious).

This is also good for your security. My record for dom0 clean is 72 hours. Most of the time is a murky environment with a lot of guess work.

I am facing same issues as you xyz0. I just want to attach an usb device to my Kali HVM but that looks impossible.

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