What program is best to install into dom0 to view images?

What is the best program to run in dom0 to view images such as screenshots?

None. No one serious about Qubes OS would advise you to do that in dom0, otherwise it would already be there. At the end of the day, it’s just Fedora in dom0 if you insist.

Copy the screenshot from dom0 to a qubes and view it there - eg in dom0:

qvm-copy-to-vm disp7318 Pictures/Screenshot_2024-01-22*.png

and in disp7318:

eog QubesIncomming/dom0/Screenshot_2024-01-22*.png



this is for viewing when i take a screenshot

i would rather view it using a program than view it by making it the wallpaper

if it’s my screenshot it’s not infected

it’s not about the screenshot. It’s about the viewer. Malicious one, some day…

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None. View it in an app qube instead.

In Qubes OS 4.2, you have a thumbnail in the screenshot tool.

If it’s not enough, you could use nsxiv or sxiv (the former is a newer fork of the latter), they are minimalist picture viewers.

As other said in the thread, dom0 isn’t meant to be used for anything except managing windows and the system.

Qubes OS has GraphicsMagick installed in dom0, you can use it to view and edit images.

gm display image.png