What privacy/security minded cryptocurrency wallets work with Qubes?

I was fiddling around with metamask, electrum, monero gui, etc. and I wanted to see if there are any others worth checking out. I don’t really care for the exchange-integrated wallets and I want to focus on wallets that are focused on user privacy, open source is a plus.


I think it depends on what cryptocurrencies you use. If you are looking for privacy focused wallets and cryptocurrencies you better check privacy coins wallets and choose what suits you. I use Qubes and Grin coin. You can build the cli wallet or a use the gui Grin++ wallet. Check Grin++ coding page


but well u know in general all crypto can be secure and private(basically) obviously xmr
makes the job easier but even bitcoin can be bought with cash and mixed around and accessed only via tor and so on
(there are a few concerns with xmr but so far i didn’t see evidence of the coin being compromised)

regardless when you’re investing in crypto or in general allways have a good balanced spread around portfolio of different coins

i don’t see why not like wallets with exchanges -that is if you only use them with caution and move money when you need it exchanged

if you just want to anonymously move money around… well in my opinion tails might be better for you

much simpler lie solution compared to qubes
comes with electrum preinstalled

no need to worry about privacy, encrypted extra storage
or i guess you can use other tools such as veracrypt for example to make a deniable encrypted storage hiding the fact you have crypto (obviously allways backup and well u know)

also -while i did not test with trezor/… also should be fully compatible

also i’m suggesting trezor for a number of reasons it’s more secure then for example ledger because well open source and no bluetooth and so on

you have to update trezor’s hardware every time you want to use it (and there’s a new fix/version) (sure not ideal but still if you know what you’re doing…)
ledger you can keep on yourself and lets say a new zerodays comes around that’s exploitable remotely
all you need to do is to sit around and a attacker near you would grab all you’r coins

in theory… i mean the difference is tiny but still

not to mention other factors

i do suggest trezor then


I think the appropriate answer to your question is that every wallet program works with Qubes. It really depends on the VM you use.

But I think that is not the answer you wanted to hear.

Could you please elaborate in what exactly are you interested?

Yes. @qubesuser69 as long as that software runs on the linux distribution on which the template is based, it should be able to run on Qubes. If you do not have any specific installation issues which you think are specific to Qubes, please try to look for those answers on other forums specific to those products.