What makes the T430 so popular?

I see this laptop recommended so much. I understand it’s compatible with Heads and ME cleaner which are popular here but so is the X230.

I just see the T430 as a more expensive, bulkier X230.

Surely I’m missing something?

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More of a comment than an answer, but I’m partial to the W520 and W530. Quad CPUs in many and with 32GB RAM upgrade ability. Relatively cheap used. The X and T variants are limited to 16GB.

That said, the 2nd and 3rd gen Intel Core CPUs are no longer getting microcode updates which is starting to become a concern.


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There are no stock X230 with quad-core CPU, you can get quad-core modified X230 motherboards, but they cost $300-500.

If you want an X230 with similar specs to the T430, you probably end up paying $700-800 for it.

As in stock or were they all mods?

Got a very lightly used X230 i7 here for 135 USD equivalent so I count myself lucky anyway… :slight_smile:

Will keep to X230s for a year or so at least, when its time to upgrade I’d definitely want to keep to something with the same track record for Qubes!

The X230 i7-3520M, only has 2 cores and nowhere near the same performance as the T430 i7-3840QM. If you want a X230 that is similar to the T430, you need a modified motherboard with the i7-3612QE or i7-3615QE.

I have an X230 with the i7-3612, 7 row keyboard, IPS display and WiFi-6, the upgrades cost around $750 around $500 of that was getting the X230 and the motherboard.

Ah, thanks, I see that I’ve got the 3520m then…

Still works very well for my needs :slight_smile:

Ideally I should get going with coreboot for X230 before migrating to anything else really…

…while the Optiplex 9020SFF that I just passed onto my wife is i7-4790, well I guess a bribe will be the solution for that then! :slight_smile: