What is the ETA for Fedora 39 or 40 to be implemented?

What is the ETA for Fedora 39 or 40 to be implemented? I assume this would coincide with the next major Qubes OS release?

you mean for dom0 or as a template?

fedora 39 has been available in templates for a while. fedora 40 is currently available in testing repository

dom0 will stay on fedora 37 until next big release I guess.

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I guess I was referring to both. Do you know when we might expect the next respective Fedora version on dom0 and template? And do you know if/when Qubes OS plans to implement Fedora Silverblue for either dom0 or as a template?

no idea, I’m not part of the development team and as far as I know there are no roadmap with deadlines.

while I appreciate silverblue for its technical aspect, I don’t think this would bring anything interesting for Qubes OS as a dom0 or template. I wrote a long blog post about “immutable” operating system (this includes Silverblue) if you want to read more about this topic: Solene'% : Introduction to immutable Linux systems


You’re the best. No wonder when I mention Qubes OS to other users they bring up how knowable you are. Thank you for the writeup! And as a side note, Red Hat is changing the naming format from immutable to atomic. :slight_smile:

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Fedora 40 is available in testing repositories and will migrate to
stable availability idc.
An update in dom0 is not a priority, for reasons given in the FAQ
It will come with the next release (probably).

Qubes does not have a release schedule - like Debian, it releases when
it’s ready.
I doubt that dom0 will ever ship with Silverblue - the move is away
from fedora. For a template? Is there any one ready to commit to
producing and maintaining it?

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum I speak for myself.

this would not be really useful to have it as a template to be honest.

Silverblue purpose is to bring something that looks like Qubes OS template system, but on a regular workstation distro :smiley: (it also brings a lot of pain when you need to tweak something or install a program that is not packaged).