What is the difference beween vm modes?

I don’t understand the difference between them. PVH doesn’t seem to allow gpu passthrough and PV doesn’t let me start the vm and only hvm mode so far has worked for me. What is the difference between them especially in terms of performance? I read HVM is fully virtualized and the other ones aren’t but if that is the case then why do I see people have gaming vms on HVM rather than PV or PVH?

HVM runs a fully virtualized machine, like a regular virtual machine

PVH runs a XEN compatible kernel for the guest, it’s lighter to run so it has improved performance over HVM

PV is like PVH but it shares some resources with the host, this leads to security risks.

When attaching device for GPU passthrough, you have to use HVM anyway. CPU performance aren’t super good but you can’t do anything to improve it.

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Is PVH for linux only or is there a Xen compatible kernel for windows too and don’t templates do the same thing or templates work differently?