What is a qvm pool? Default VM POOL?

I found this source:

I have no clue wth I am looking at.

I just want to know what it is and what it can do or its typical “use cases”


In contrast what is a “varlibqubes” in context of “storage pool”? And what are its usual suggested use cases?

I think I finally found some starting points as to what these are and do …


  • All VM-related configs, images, and other files in /var/lib/qubes/


qvm-pool is a command line tool. I don’t know all the use cases but it’s useful to add a Secondary Storage.

I had the impression that it was a way to manipulate LVM volumes the Qubes way.

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Yeah at first I was manually inputting spec onto a New Qube in the GUI Qube Manager, but then I gave up for the sake of time and decided to Clone Vault but give the 2nd Vault USB access so to be a place to migrate files from the laptop onto an external drive — especially now realizing how much my future planned Templates will take up in space sheesh I will eventually need more disk space lol even though I maxed out the hard disk specs on this laptop order