What does -private, -root, -snap and other suffixes in Logical Volume names mean?

When running sudo lvdisplay in dom0 terminal, there are many Logical Volumes for single VM/qube. What do all these suffixes mean?


Thank you

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This is explained in the official documentation, although I have a feeling that this page is out of date - the modules.img reference seems fine, but when it comes to the rest - the mentions of other .img files rather than logical volumes…

Let’s just say I was supposed to check it out and correct if applicable but due to some events in my life I haven’t yet organized the time it takes to perform the check. Thanks for reminding me. :grinning:

Further explanation: open a qube in dom0’s virt-manager and see for yourself how the Xen Disks are represented by their Source paths.

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Thank you, that documentation page is fantastic. Answered my questions.

I assume the -<number>-back is some sort of backup? or maybe VMs restored from backup?

Would the


match a backup from 2022-09-03? :slight_smile:

I’ve not looked on my machine … but the number looks like UNIX timestamp:


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Yes, it is the backup you use if you need to revert the file system. By default, Qubes OS saves 2 revisions of the filesystem of each qube, which can be used to restore a previous state.

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Yep. That sounds right.