What does "Configure Format" mean during the installation process?

Hi, Just about to install on a manually created partitions on my disk that already
has a root Ubuntu partition. i have carefully selected the partitions manually
and the root Ubuntu partition (the one I currently use) has the action: “Configure Format”
This means it will NOT reformat the partition, correct? My user
files from Ubuntu partition reside another physical disk so should be safe and are backed up else where.

Also I have indicated the pre-existing EFI. The installer
also says “Configure Format” for the EFI partition.

Not sure, but the partition GUI is a minefield - esspecially since it doesn’t tell you which Qubes storage pool driver it’ll pick (it does that based on your FS selection).

The last time I tried it I ended up with an unencrypted install…

Your best bet is to do stuff on the command-line or use one of the suggested options (“default partitioning with xyz”).

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