What does AnonDist for Tor Browser mean?

Qubes OS (or, I guess Whonix in this case) offers Tor Browser (AnonDist) both in the anon-whonix qube and its disposable qubes (dvm). What is the meaning of this “AnonDist” specification? How different it is from the “regular” Tor Browser one gets from Tor project?

Bump. I did a quick web search, and whonix forums search, but I couldn’t find something explaining what “AnonDist” attached to Tor Browser signifies, nor how it makes it differ from the “normal” Tor Browser.

The browser is started in the anon-whoinx vm, which isn’t disposable. It’s useful for downloading files in a torified environment with persistent storage, at least that is how I use it.

The difference between this and normal TB, you don’t need to worry about leaking your real IP by something outside the browser, e.g. a file/program you download and open/execute.


I see. That makes sense.

However, the “AnonDist” etiquette is not exclusive to anon-whonix qube. “AnonDist” is also visible on Tor Browser within a whonix dvm within QubesOS, too.

I think AnonDist is just another way of saying you are using whoinx, I think it’s short for Anonymity Distribution Gateway, but I could be wrong on this.

I think this is to make it clear this you are using whoinx and not just running TB is a vm with clear net access.

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Or, Whonix forum is proper place to ask this question?