WebAuthn & Passkey only works with Yubico products

I registered a yubikey 5 nano and a nitrokey 3 mini for webauthn (as 2fa) and passkey, the preferences said i registered them successfully.

with the nitrokey i get internal server errors at login, but the yubikey works.

is somebody else experience similar issues? should i report at Search results for 'webauthn #bug' - Discourse Meta or you want to take a peek in this forums logs first??

I tried to use the instructions to install my thetis fido2 key last week on a since deleted install, but noted that despite everything seemingly being accepted by dom0 to restrict access some of my VM’s when I input the instructions from the instructions sheet, I could still access the qubes for which I had attempted to restrict access without needing to use the key.

That said, given that FIDO2 was explicitly mentioned within the instructions, I assumed that I had somehow messed it up rather than the system itself being at fault. It was one of the reasons for my change in deployment strategy (I have now set up a test install and a production install, so that I can use the test environment to experiment with features and ensure they work properly before going live with them on the production install).

i posted this as a forum issue, fido2 works fine with other websites (like github or so) on yubikey and nitrokey.

I don’t think we have access to that granular logging. So probably the best is to report it on Discourse Meta. Sorry about that.

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You could also post the issue to the NitroKey forum, since the issue is only with your Nitrokey.

thanks, i got myself a local docker env and could reproduce. since nitrokey works fine on github, gitea, and others as webauthn (and passkey…) i suspect dicourses implementation might be the cause and will follow deeplows recommendation.

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