We Need a "Map of Qubes"

Dominic Walliman has been creating some awesome maps of knoweldge areas. It would be awesome if someone with design skills made one for Qubes.

This “poster” would improve discoverability of Qubes features by showing them all in a pleasing and funny way.

Bellow are some of Dominic’s work to take as inspiration:


More are available on their flickr gallery.


I could imagine one section with a layout similar to the quarks grid, with the different standard sys- and app-VMs arranged as literal little cubes, with each being colored according to trust.

In each cube, there is a list of packages needed to build it from debian-minimal (just debian, to keep things simple). sys-net, for example, is colored red and has the HVM and PCI symbols, basic preferences (e.g. ‘provides networking’), while also listing qubes-core-agent-networking and qubes-core-agent-network-manager, and also including PCI-qubes instructions like qvm-service sys-net meminfo-writer off and qvm-prefs sys-net kernelopts nopat iommu=soft swiotlb=8192 . Lowest amount of RAM and vCPUs to function would also be helpful in helping both starters and enthusiasts get the most out of their Qubes.

Of course, the grid will have big squares, but this will serve as an at-a-glance organized guide to the standard configuration of VMs. At the same time, there can be an ‘exotic’ section that includes unikernels like Mirage and Unman’s OpenBSD sys-net, but that’s really optional for a starter guide.

An interactive (i.e. online) version of ‘the grid’ would be even more accessible.

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