Wayland Composer on Debian VM?

Howdy folks,

trying to get Wayland Composer working on the VM, I have gnome installed but need to have it initiated instead of XFCE, but I can’t find where to set that… If anyone knows, would be great to know, thanks.

If anyone has experience getting Wayland Composer in the VM, would be happy to hear about it. I’m just at a point where it keeps telling me wayland isn’t runnign or working, yet it’s installed, running in GNOME on the VM, and SHOULD be fully functional, but isn’t.

I can’t find anything on the forums that would help me to resolve the issue either.

There is a post from 2021 that links off elsewhere. But that doesn’t tell me anything either.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think you can use Wayland in a qube, except if it’s an HVM.

By default, the qubes are running a Xorg server with a specific video driver for qubes os

I’m only looking at changing to gnome and the composer to Wayland.
Not changing any video drivers like that.

I would have expected PVH to work as well.

Maybe we can get it working though? Would be beneficial and open the path for more people to use Qubes.

the video drivers are for Xorg, if you use Wayland it won’t be able to use qubes OS video drivers for guest, this may work in debug mode but you will have all the qube windows inside a huge window.

Well, changing to Gnome on XORG should be fine, but Wayland is a composer API, not a video driver.
At least the one that I’m using is SUPOSED to be. So it SHOULD in essence work.
I just don’t know how to get it all to get back into functionality to use Wayland integration since xFCE doesn’t have Wayland integration at the version that is installed.

If I can get it working, even if things change, at least I know where I will be going from there and what needs to be done.

So I’m only changing the Composer, not the Video Drivers.
I can initiate a gnome-session and have that running completely normal, just has the stupid Gnome header bar in the space.
But I have not done any Gnome customisations yet thoguh. So I can still get rid of it.

Any thoughts on how to switch to Wayland from whatever composer is in Debian 11 Guest?

Honestly, I don’t mind much if it’s in debug/HVM mode. I’d rather not, but it doesn’t matter for the purposes I’m needing it to run for. I can still set a screen resolution to the application if it’s in the screen mode.

You can use Wayland in HVM but the Qubes OS GUI integration won’t work and clipboard won’t work as well since it’s using X11.
If you configure VM like this then you’ll be able to switch to Wayland:

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