Waydroid template

i have a question can the installation of waydroid and the configuration of the firewall kill my sys-vpn? because after the installation of waydroid i cannot connect to the vpn provider anymore

Which firewall did you configure?
If you change firewall for your waydroid qube then it couldn’t affect other qubes.

Im having the same issue. I have internet access on sys-vpn. When i type ping on terminal in the waydroid app vm, im getting pings.

But on sway, when i click the wifi toggle it doesnt connect. The internet is not working in the android vm.

I tried nft list ruleset but i wasnt able to copy the result from xterm.

I noticed an update for the waydroid template. Maybe something broke?

It’s not connected using WiFi so WiFi toggle does nothing.

How are you testing this?

You can Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click → Select to Clipboard in XTerm and then the text selected with mouse will be copied in clipboard.

If Waydroid says that there is update available then the internet is working in Waydroid.

ohh haha! seems i forgot how to use waydroid lol. I couldnt get my vpn to work - thats how i figured the internet stopped working…

in fact i just needed to update the vpn certificate.

all working now.