Waydroid template with magisk problems

Hi there I want to set up a backup fora phone in one qubes so I installed waydroid template over the Debian 12 minimal template but now I have trouble to get root in android to use the backup with neo backup app… I know that this could be a topic for the waydroid community but I think that is better placed here to have all these problems together in one place

Normally you install magisk.apk than rename it to .IMG and flash it everything is fine and working on the phones. But this was gives me no boot.img output
Than i found this GitHub - nitanmarcel/waydroid-magisk: Kitsune Mask (magisk) manager for Waydroid.

But if you follow the git clone method you ends up with a password you need.

And if you use the curl method you ends up with a <!DO TYPE not known error.

Than I looked for a solution and found this

Can now anyone please tell me how I have to change the command for sources.list that I can go forward with the curl method.

If anyone else has an idea how to get magisk working please let me know.

You can use this script:

Can you describe in more details at which step and what password does it requires?
Do you mean that it asks for user password when running sudo commands?
In that case you need to run these commands from root terminal by starting in from dom0 terminal:

qvm-run -u root waydroid-qube-name xterm &

No if you use root terminal with qvm-rum than you type gut clone and than he wants the GitHub password

It works for me.
Can you post the command that you run and its full output?

after i cloned the template and i installed magisk there it is permanent in the qube