Way to change or remove the disk encryption key?

I have trouble inputting my disk password due to keyboard issues. Certain keys are becoming unreliable, and would probably fail altogether. While BIOS accepts USB input, the Qubes disk password prompt does not, which means I can’t get around the issue using a USB keyboard.

The best solution is to change my disk password, but I’m open to removing it altogether since I have nothing of value there. Is there a way to do this?

May this be what you’re after @fiftyfourthparallel ?

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I should’ve done a quick search. Thank you. @deeplow Is it possible to delete this topic?

No need. Having this other topic is basically another way to ask the other question and that increases the likelyhood of others finding it.

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Since one question asked here is how to remove the passphrase, and I almost don’t want to say this, but, the short answer is yes, you can set an empty passphrase.

This is extremely insecure[see note] unless you really just don’t care. When prompted for the new passphrase at cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/[disk], just hit Enter twice. Now, an empty passphrase can unlock the disk. Nobody will assume the passphrase is empty, right?

To remove LUKS disk encryption altogether you could use cryptsetup-reencrypt --decrypt if you somehow care about the existing data, want to go through the hassle of potential data loss, and for some reason are avoiding a backup/reinstall/restore procedure. It would be a lot simpler to reinstall without encryption and perform a restore.

[note]: keep in mind disk encryption only protects you when the machine is fully off

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Thank you for that. If I could set two solutions to this thread, I would.