War thunder in qubes with integrated intel graphics

Hey folks,

I’ve been using qubes for a while now, but not as my day-to-day os and think about to switch to it for good. One of the issues with it, I can’t make war thunder to work with it. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but once in a week or two play war thunder.

When I try to launch it via the war thunder official launcher, it prints an error - "Videomode initialization error, [8111000B].

I know that performance wouldn’t be the same considering it goes throw the dom0 etc, but can I make it work somehow? anyone here play it?

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Qubes (VMs) do not have hardware acceleration. Only dom0 (or sys-gui qubes in the future) has.
You won’t be able to play games that require hardware acceleration, unless you install additional discreet GPU and pass it inside the qube. There are several tutorials with different level of success for Qubes OS.

Hello fellow grinder​:smile::small_airplane:.

The only way to play 3D game is with GPU pass through.

Not impossible, very complicated and that would defeat the whole point of QubesOS, security.

The problem is that you give full control to a propriatery driver which can see and do whatever they wants with your screen. And we have no way to know what it is doing.

There is always trade off that comes with security.

Quebeos is just not meant to game on it.

It’s like cutting a hole into a vault for convenience.
At this point, just dont use a vault.

Why that?

The proprietary driver will run inside the qube, isolated. And about output: the output of this additional GPU will be completely different, you can connect it to different monitor or the the same monitor but different input slot (and switch between them with buttons on monitor). This way it will be secure and almost completely separated from other qubes.

P.S. There are several cases of secure. effective and reliable gaming configurations on forum from people who pass-though eGPU and USB Controller (for mouse, keyboard or gamepad) and use second monitor.

Indeed. I assumed you don’t have two gpu and two separate display.

Seems like a good reading.


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OK, I think it is not possible to pass-through the main and only GPU. That is why I assumed we talk about a case with additional discrete GPU.