Want to switch to Manjaro Linux but cant download ISO, stuck with QubesOS

Okay so I’m really tired of using QubesOS, I don’t want to use this operating system anymore. I want to use manjaro linux, however when I even attempt to download ANY file from the default Firefox browser, it keeps saying “download failed” and it never wants to download. I’ve tried clearing the cache and allowing all downloads, no files from Firefox want to download, I can’t even download something like belena etcher to burn the ISO to make it bootable. I’m basically stuck with QubesOS, I want to switch to manjaro linux but can’t download anything. I have no important data to transfer over, I’m willing to do anything to remove Qubes and download Manjaro, I’m trapped with Qubes and I don’t want this OS anymore, I have no other computer. Would someone please show me how I can download the manjaro ISO from Firefox browser within the personal qube VM? And then burn it to make it bootable?

I’m using the “personal” default yellow qube, it’s running debian 11, kernel is 5.15.94.-1.qubes.fc32.x86_64

My computer: Dell latitude 5430 rugged
CPU: 11th gen Intel i7-1185G7

It sounds like you don’t have enough disk in your personal AppVM for downloading something that is probably big. Perhaps you could try to raise the amount with Qubes Manager?