Wake from sleep with USB keyboard/mouse does not work

When installing Qubes on PC, I granted full access to USB keyboard and mouse. I also have proper settings in BIOS for waking from sleep with USB mice and keyboard. The problem is that the wake up functionality with mouse/keyboard doesn’t work.
My assumption is that it doesn’t work because of sys-usb, because when I press the power button to wake it up, it take awhile to start sys-usb and only then I am able to use mouse/keyboard.

Yes, it’s because of sys-usb.
Resume from suspend on USB with sys-usb is not supported right now and I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

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OK, thanks. I’ll find another approach to that.

works for me

I could be wrong. It didn’t work for me when I tried it before. Maybe it was a problem with my specific USB controller then.

Are you sure you have usb keyboard/mouse/touchpad? Many laptops have internal ps/2. Are you sure that the USB controller that they are connected to is attached to sys-usb?

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Yes I’m sure. Yes the USB controller is attached to sys-usb. I’m using a desktop. Might be something specific to your laptop.

Maybe it’s implemented inside BIOS and not in OS. Not sure how it works for you.

In the BIOS you may have mutliple “sleep” stages that are available, make sure to test with all of them active if you have this option available. I know I never managed to get sleep working on my desktop.
You could map your power button or any HMI working from that specific sleep state to activate a custom script from dom0 that would restart your sys-usb qube. This could work as you have allowed keyboard access by default. From there you should be able to get back to your session.

Something I forgot to ask, are you asking about “sleep”, “hybernate” or “suspend”? I took assumed you meant suspend as I only ever encountered this issue with this state.

Is your suspend S3?