Vpn->Tor->Proxy residentail, are you doing it right?

Hello everyone! I recently switched from Tails to Qubes. I have a question about link encryption. Is it a good idea to use a VPN → TOR → PROXY RESIDENTAIL for complete anonymity?

I would like to do this by installing in sys-net OpenVPN using this tutorial Using Mullvad VPN in Qubes
And then start whonix windows (with all security, tor etc.) and directly through the application of the company offering the proxy.

I’m wondering if this is a good idea or I’m totally wrong. I want protection on both sides.

Good idea for what, protection against whom/what?

  • I would like to have protection so that the ISP does not see that I am using TOR.
  • I would like to have access to the protection provided by the Qubes and Whonix systems, but so that browsers/applications give me access despite tor

In addition, I care about complete discretion, so that the services do not have access to me

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In this case it looks ok. You could use a bridge instead of the VPN.