VPN on Qubes-Whonix

hello everyone, i have a few questions about qubes whonix and the involvement of a vpn.

  1. Where is the best place to install the VPN? On the workstation? Gateaway?

  2. Should the VPN be switched on before Tor or after?
    So host → VPN → TOR or host → TOR → VPN? what is better?

  3. Is there perhaps another way to set up a VPN securely and to use whonix?

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See this page: Combining Tunnels with Tor.

For my part, I use this configuration:
whonix ws → whonix gw → sys-vpn-proton-tor → sys-net

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Hi @Tom0815 as @fsflover shared, review the whonix documentation on chaining and tunneling extensively for your use case and your adversary. There is no “best way to install vpn + tor” it depends on your use case, and who and what you’re trying to protect yourself from or maybe trick such as using residential VPNs to fix google captcha problems.

Best luck to you.

Yes and “In other words, when you use a VPN service, what you are doing is shifting trust from your ISP to your VPN provider.”