VPN Obfuscation Tools can fool State-of-The-Art Firewall DPI. Also True for manual packet inspection?

TL:DR while technology like VLESS, VMESS, REALITY, XTLS, SHADDOWSOCKS, Snowflake … can fool Firewalls with advanced DPI in Real-time is this also true for manual inspection of recorded data?

Case A: In a Country where the usage of VPN is Illegal.

Case B: In a Country where the Usage of VPN is Legal but Human Rights are suppressed.

And the Government does record the traffic produced by an Individual over a Time frame of Months or Years.

While in Case A the DPI of the Firewall of that Country was fooled with Obfuscation. Would it still be possible for an National Agency or the Police to manually inspect the recorded Traffic and determine:

in Case A: was tunneled via Tor or OpenVPN or Wireguard?
in Case B: was Videostreaming, HTTP browsing, Voicechat? (and therefore conclude e.g. when a Voice chat ended and an Web session with Firefox started)

So far it seems like the majority consensus would be that its virtually impossible to obfuscate what kind of traffic is transferred even while transferring multiple different kinds at the same time (Browsing web while streaming Video while having a Voicechat). But is this still the Case with new Obfuscation Technology like Project X and Snowflake?
I cant really find any recent Documentation about this Topic and would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.

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