VPN connenction chain still leaks IP address

Hey guys - since Qubes is all about security i figured i should give this question a shot here. Everything in this post is referring to complete 100% anonymity over the internet like best of the best absolutely 0 ways of tracking LOCATION and identity.

I am pretty familiar with internet security as far as VPN and Qubes go. I use a no log VPN and have the VPN connect to sys-firewall. so its essentially sys-net>sys-firewall>VPN>(application).
I noticed something today that kind of made me think its all BS.

First of all, for connection I am using a jailbroken iPhone with tetherme so it allows me to USB tether using my VPN protocol. (i use TCP because the others wont allow me to use another VPN on top of host VPN i guess i should say). So my iphone is providing connection via usb tether which reflects my VPN connection IP. The USB tether from my iphone is connected to my router essentially (wont say which one but it has TOR options so it should have basic secuirty stuff. i do not use the tor option though). i then connect to the wifi of that router in qubes. So my initial qubes connection is technicaly connected to a VPN. then i do what i originally said in the beginning of post net>firewall>vpn>app…

I first tried this on Firefox in Qubes. I went to google and typed in “whats my ip location”. google will sometimes show answers to your question like on google without clicking any of the links. MY DAMN IPHONE’s IP ADDRESS IS BEING DETECTED BY GOOGLE. Now, if i click on any of the sites that show your IP all of them show my VPN’s IP. No DNS leaks, no Proxy detected. But how in the f*#& does ONLY google detect this. I have 3 different VPN providers and i even assigned a different provider to 3 different Windows OS standaloneVM i made inside Qube and same thing.

Does anyone know a more secure way of connecting? I honestly dont but i can make some guesses?

  • If there was like a way of connecting to the internet like how you connect to RDP or VNC, is there a way to ONLY use that connection to provide internet for the computer youre on? I say this because using RDP usually lags and i dont get the specs my computer has so i rather use it just for the connection. Does this make sense lol? Or is there anything else besides RDP that offers something like what im saying?

Happy to hear any comments on this post! Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please explain better the chain? Like step by step in vertical.

Also, how it looks like the IP detected by Google? Is it internal or is it really the public IP of your iPhone? I assume that it should not even be connected on mobile connection if you are trying to be hidden as much as possible…

Generally, Google can get the WebRTC info, but if Google detected the VPN IP of your iPhone as you said, that should be only an internal IP.

Hi @kaliqubes. This question seems to have very little to do with Qubes but rather “security & privacy in general”. Here on the forum we try to keep discussion focused on Qubes. So I would suggest you take this question to privacytool’s forum or a the #all-around-qubes category (but that’s only available to older forum members – trust level two members).

However, if you open a new thread discussing your particular VPN setup (all the steps you took), I think it could well fit this forum.

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I think that I’m not gonna read the most interesting conversations then :smiley:
It takes too long to become level 2…

Eddy snow would be disappointed smh