VPN Connection loading

i have set up my nordvpn for ‘onion over vpn’ connection. But i cant load my vpn protocol, its loading 10sec and then happended nothings.
I have used this guide: Using Mullvad VPN in Qubes

I used everything except autoconnect and firewall.

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It’s better to setup your VPN VM by using this script:

okay thank you, i ll try now

Should i install the Qubes VPN Support folder into the vpn template or into the ProxyVM?

You should decide for yourself what’s more suitable for you. If you’ll have one or two VPN VMs then you can go for ProxyVM installation and if you’ll have multiple VPN VMs then it’d be more convenient to just install Qubes VPN Support in a dedicated VPN template and use this template for all your VPN VMs.

Okay great, he mean that i put a username and password after the installation, did he mean my openvpn credentials on nordvpn app or a new login?

It’s for openvpn credentials.