Vm11pipe how to fix screen resolution

Good evening guys,

I am hoping that someone here can help so I will just throw it out here.

I built OpenBSD HVM, work great, all the goodies but one. Dam xrandr!

You see I only get 5 screen size resolutions to pick from so I took the biggest I can get 1280x790 something like that. Well the problem is it’s not big enough cause when or if I get my mouse pointer to close to the HVM border dam screen rolls up or down and I “HATE IT”, extremely annoying plus my apps I open fall outside of screen resolution so then I have to move mouse pointer to see rest of apps.

So I do the work to TRY to increase screen resolution (xrandr -s 1600x900) would be the sweet spot and I get resolution not listed/found. Ok, so I am going to add it. I add it then get (if I remember right) gamma not found or resolution not supported,WTF!?! All other HVM’s just find with resolution…but not OpenBSD.

Now I start digging and I find that a setting for after I run “neofetch” for gpu/resolution called (vm11pipe). Ok what the hell is this?

Can someone help me get this right,please!
So that I at least can… xrandr -s 1600x900…
For my OpenBSD!!

May Odin bless you and your family