Vm not connecting

Qrexec daemon startup failed”

What does that mean?
How can I fix this?

I also noticed I don’t have a network icon.

Somebody help please

@2bhumble, you opened two other threads with the same content. They have now been closed. Please refrain from opening duplicate threads.

If you did that as a way to get more attention to your thread, be mindful that what generally helps is having more information in the title and content, so that it’s easier for others to help you.

For example, you say you see "Qrexec daemon startup failed”, but where do you see that and when do you see it? Is it at startup? or when you do something in specifiic. Is it in a qube / vm or in dom0?

The more info you have the most likely it will get other’s attention. But do remember that this is (as the name implies) a community forum. People help out of their own willingness.

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