VM Networking: connect to LiDAR sensor with USB-Ethernet adapter

Hello, I have a LiDAR sensor VLP-16 which sends out data through Ethernet (RJ45). I need to access its packets in a VM, so I’ve gotten a USB-Ethernet adapter. Attaching the adapter to the VM yields some results, but I’m unable to access the web interface of the Lidar.

The Lidar manual says that its web interface should be on However, this IP is not pingable. Wireshark shows the Lidar broadcasting to on, but this IP is not pingable either. If I activate the ethernet adapter interface and assign it to e.g., this IP is pingable, but doesn’t load the web interface.

Does this sound like a Qubes-related issue? Should I enable DHCP in the VM? Are there guides for this? The Lidar manual recommends turning off Wi-Fi. What is the Qubes equivalent of “turning off Wi-Fi for a single VM”?

EDIT: This is an Ubuntu 20.04 VM install from unman’s templates.

Turns out the sensor was expecting DHCP, and used the fallback IP of Assigning an IP on the same network to the USB-ethernet adapter (e.g. makes the web interface accessible.

My issue is resolved, but there is still room for discussion on enabling DHCP in Qubes VMs and what conflicts to expect from the default networking setup in Qubes VMs. I should note that I flushed the Qubes networking defaults assigned to eth0 (an attempt to “turn off the Wi-Fi”, see first post).

You can enable network manager and create Ethernet connection with IP settings method “Shared to other computers”. This will enable DHCP server in the qube.