Visual Studio 2019 Windows HVM strange behavior

I am trying to troubleshoot why Visual Studio 2019 sometimes doesn’t work on my Windows HVM. When I go to launch it, it will usually give various amounts of different errors and then won’t open. At first, I was using a standalone vm and thought somehow something in the Windows os might’ve been corrupted. So I tried again on a fresh standalone, and it would work again until eventually it didn’t and had the same problem.

So then I thought to try using a AppVM based on a Windows template. This way, if something gets corrupted in the os it shouldn’t be persisted.

The strange thing I’m observing is that whatever is causing rhe issues persists until I poweroff the physical machine and reboot qubes. I can start it up fine as many times as I’d like within the same vm session when it is working (e.g. on first boot after qubes starts). But after some usage, if I reboot the vm it will then get the issues and subsequent restarts will just keep facing the same issues until I power off the physical machine. The exact errors seem irrelevent because they seem different each time or sometimes no error is displayed at all and it just doesn’t open. Also, if I don’t use it I noticed I can reboot the vm however many times and it will open fine, so it only gets the errors after some usage. Also, it seems to run everything else fine like web browser or VSCodium. One time Powershell crashed/didn’t open so I suspect it is some of the “windows os dependencies” which get corrupted or something.

What could be causing this? Something is persisting the issues until poweroff. I’m passing a GPU to the vm which I don’t think could be causing it but I’ll try without and see what happens.

It is now not working even after powering off the machine (although I can say for sure that before this seemed to fix it, i.e. my prior observations were correct.

Maybe now there are multiple sources of the problem (e.g. corrupted data in AppVM filesystem user data is persisting which is why it doesn’t work even after powering off the physical machine now).

Or maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way and the correlation is something completely different that I’m not aware of.

I’ve noted the vm’s whos VS2019 no longer work at all and will keep trying to troubleshoot them to see if I can get them to work again.