Virtual Keyboard

Does anyone know the steps to install xvkbd ?
Do we have to install it, into dom0 or template VM ?
Because we cannot apt-get in dom0,
and dnf or yum install has no xvkbd package available.

You really need to read this:

Understanding dom0, and its use in Qubes 4.0, is basic.

You can install the package where you like.
If you install it in a template, so that it is running in a qube, you
will have to edit a policy file, to allow the key “presses” to be passed
through to dom0.
The file (in dom0) is /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputKeyboard

Or you can run it only in vault,(with no policy), so that the virtual
keyboard is only available there.

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thank you, it works