"View in DisposableVM" / "Edit in DisposableVM" doesn't run as disposables

Hi,I noticed in “View in DisposableVM” by default it’s possible to run as disposable only VM that is set as “default disposable template” in VM. Even though I have other disp VMs on the dropdown list I can’t run them via this feature as disposables, they always start as regular VM.

Related policies atm looks as follows:

qubes.OpenInVM * @anyvm @dispvm ask
qubes.OpenInVM * @anyvm @default ask
qubes.OpenInVM * @anyvm sanetize-dvm allow
qubes.OpenInVM * @anyvm @anyvm deny

sanetize-dvm is a disp template that does some sanetization stuff that I want to invoke on any file or folder via “View in DisposableVM” and/or “Edit in DisposableVM”. But I don’t want to set it as “default disposable template” in every VM.

How can I configure to get behavior?

You are specifying the disposable template in your rules - that is why
it opens.
Instead, specify a disposable using that qube:

qubes.OpenInVM * @anyvm @dispvm:sanetize-dvm allow
I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Brilliant, works like a charm. Thank you.

What if you are using the hack that presents you with a list of machines that hhave the open-in-vm-target tag?

That is specified with @tag:open-in-vm-target and anything offered up with that apparently will open the template.