Videos don't play in browser (experimenting with xmonad window manager)

I’m experimenting with the xmonad tiling window manager.

I cannot get videos to play in browsers in my VMs. I’ve tried Brave, Firefox, and Tor Browser, and videos from odysee and invidious youtube front-ends won’t play. The “pause/play” buttons are clickable, and I can move forward and backward in the video, but the video simply does not play.

At first, I was not even able to get VM windows to launch. Following the recommendation to run qvm-start-daemon --all from this issue regarding dvm, I was at least able to get the VM windows to launch. (Side note: as I’m experimenting, it is not yet clear if I have to run qvm-start-daemon --all on startup, or every time I want to launch a VM window).

Are there any recommendations for diagnosing visual and audio issues in general? I’m struggling to think why a video simply wouldn’t play.

We expect the desktop environment will follow Desktop Application Autostart Specification, especially qvm-start-daemon has corresponding desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart. I3 had similar issue and there is a custom script for it there:

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