Video Ram questions

I’m fixing my monitor (Mouse is in the right location, but it clicks with an offset) and found out that the video ram is an issue, and I should increase it for VMs.

  • Is it possible to set different video ram amount per VM? I think Firefox and VS Code will like having a bit more.
  • Is it recommended to give more to all the VMs? I was thinking of setting the normal value to 64 MB.
    I have 16GBs of RAM on my laptop, so I don’t really care about the usage(I didn’t hit it under Qubes in the first week)

To increase the minimum size of the video RAM buffer:

qvm-features dom0 gui-videoram-min $(($WIDTH * $HEIGHT * 4 / 1024))
qvm-features dom0 gui-videoram-overhead 0
  • Where $WIDTH × $HEIGHT is the maximum desktop size that you anticipate needing
  • Default gui-videoram-overhead is about 8 MiB, which is enough for a 1080p display. So, the gui-videoram-overhead zeroing is not strictly necessary; it only avoids allocating memory that will not be used.

To get the correct memory size use xrandr with plugged monitor :

$(xrandr --verbose | grep "Screen 0" | sed -e 's/.*current //' -e 's/\,.*//' | awk '{print $1*$3*4/1024}')

All information could be found at: