Video RAM issues on Qubes 4.1 but not on 4.04


After running Qubes for more then a year now, I tried installing 4.1. The installation went without any problems, but after the GUI has loaded, soon it freezes.

It seems like a graphics problem, for example when I choose to use just 1 monitor of multiple monitor setup, the freezing is not happening.
When I do use the multiple monitors, the freezing happens for example when I drag a window or have other gui activities.

Because it seems like a graphic problem, first I tried to increase the minimum size of the video RAM buffer following the instructions in the manual.

qvm-features dom0 gui-videoram-min 64800 (this number is calculated for my monitors)

This unfortunately doesn’t seem to work.

I tried installing the nvidia drivers following these instructions: Nvidia driver installation

Also note: the unloading of nouveau at boot time in the grub menu did not seem to work.

nouveau.mode set=0

ATM I am working on the Qubes 4.04 install.
The strange thing is that 4.04 is also using the nouveau driver but after inspection it does give some errors:

dom0 kernel: nouveau 0000:07:00.0: bus: MMIO read of 00000000 FAULT at 3e6684 [ IBUS ]

is the above error something to worry about?

I was thinking of possible solutions, perhaps you can steer me in the right directions?

  • perhaps install newer kernel for dom0?
  • installation of nvidia drivers (even though these are not opensource)
  • copying of settings from 4.04 to 4.1

I will reboot and post the nouveau errors from 4.1

Thanks in advance