Very slow performance on hvm (win10)

I’m trying to set up a win10 hvm using the detailed “manual” instructions here:

I’m noticing that everything is incredibly slow. I’ve progressed to the screen where you input your Windows 10 account email. The typing is very very slow. And the UI is so slow I can’t click “Next”, or it’s not working but I can’t figure out why because I can’t tell what is or isn’t working because on prior screens the button clicks took multiple seconds to register.

The performance issues are reminding me a lot of when I first installed 4.1 and was having slow performance in all my Qubes VMs due to not having xen-acpi-processor kernel module installed. That module is installed and working now and my Qubes linux AppPVMs all perform fine now. But this new HVM I am making for Windows feels as slow as those used to be, even though I verify that sudo xenpm get-cpufreq-para is working fine.

Here is the thread where this earlier issue was discussed:

Could the same issue be somehow affecting the HVMs that used to affect the other VMs (which I assume are PVH or PV)?

I have ensured there is plenty of memory dedicated for the Windows 10 VM (8GB, the system requires only 2GB on 64 bit) so I don’t think it is that.

I have Windows 10 installed now, the issue seems to have been that I was using a non Windows account email and the installer apparently has no explicit error dialog it just silently failed.

Once I finished the install and turned off cirrus video model in qvm prefs post install things feel snappier. I wonder if it was an issue with that video driver.

The system profiler (I forget what Windows calls it) did show an appropriate CPU so hopefully I will get some decent performance now.