Verify ssd speed dom0

My qubes took 2 and a half ish hours to install, I believe my ssd is “burnt”, it’s incredibly slow, qubes overall is slow for me so I want to test the ssd WRITE speed using a command in dom0 if that’s possible, I guess I’ll install some software if that what it takes as this is a fresh install and I don’t care

Since my qubes lags allot and is slowz is average reas 500mbs and write 200mbs average access time 0.09 reasonable?

I’ve reinstalled numerous times and it’s always laggy since weeks ago out of nowhere although on other is it’s not laggy at all

Checking speed of the SSD drive and its health are two different matters. You could check for overall health of your drive via smartmontools. Please read Fedora’s Wiki on smartctl for more information on how to use it.

I ram the command, which line do I look for to deteemin whether my ssd is good or not? Since my qubes on fresh install even lags allot although I got 16gn ram 6600u i7 200gbssd

Most of the lines should be studied. After running this command (you might have to change sda if you have an nvme ssd):

sudo smartctl -A /dev/sda

Check the RAW_VALUE column. It should be 0 for Raw_Read_Error_Rate, Reallocated_Sector_Ct, Current_Pending_Sector, Offline_Uncorrectable, UDMA_CRC_Error_Count, Load_Retry_Count, And the Tempratrue_Celsius should be within Min/Max range.

Or if you do not like command line tools, you could install GSmartControl. But I do not recommend installing unnecessary tools in dom0.