Veracrypt Network Share VM

Anybody attempted to setup a network share like Samba or even using Veracrypt

on Qubes as a VM?


I have a lot of veracrypt containers on a NAS. So I have to share the NAS connection and I think it ended up being SAMBA…that’s relatively easy. Then decrypting the containers in one qube and mounting the decrypted container on another qube…that’s a bit trickier but…I wrote this to describe the process. I didn’t share actual bash language but anyone with a bit of experience with bash should be able to figure it out.

I did this in a very complex way but it can be simplified if you want. I have one qube that maintains the file share, another that does the decryption, and the third qube actually mounts the decrypted container. (There’s also a fourth qube to get the password from the user and pass it to the decryptor; some day I’ll extend it to supply keyfiles and PIMs as appropriate.) Basically the user of the data has no idea it’s on an encrypted container, or where it actually lives.

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thank you very much.

Just added a bit more to that, so you might want to read again.

But you are using samba for the network share?

To be completely honest I don’t even remember how I set that up. I was using it clear back in the days when I was running Windows 7, then Virtual Box.

Edit: The NAS says it’s SAMBA shares. So I assume you’re wondering how to connect that share to individual VMs? FIrst ensure that that qube has a network connection (via sys-net and sys-firewall), then you should be able to mount the share just like you would anywhere else.

I’d have an easier time helping if I understood your current level of knowledge of how to do such things on a “normal” system.