Using Windows and QWT under Qubes R4.2

I tried to install Windows 7 under Qubes R4.2 by restoring a backup of a Windows 7 template (without Qubes Windows Tools, aka QWT) from Qubes R4.1. This was possible without any problems.

In this system, QWT could be installed, including the PV network and disk drivers, also without any problem. The resulting system supported seamless mode, clipboard and file copy to/from other VMs. So it looks as if Windows support is working under Qubes R4.2, too.

I’ll check with Windows 10 and 11 in the next days.


I checked now with Windows-10 with the same success - just seamles mode is not available, but this was to be expected, just like in Qubes R4.1.


Now I tried Windows 11, with the same success. QWT can be installed, and then you have file and clipboard copy to/from other qubes.

So finally we can say that Windows integration works for Qubes R4.1, too.

(I did not check Windows 8.1. This system is now out of support, and, anyhow, I would touch it only if forced at gunpoint.)

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And Vista. And ME…

I think I will soon try a Windows 10 VM. (I don’t care too much about seamless windows–in fact I find that they often go inexplicably transparent, so I essentially switch out of seamless as soon as I get the Windows 7 VM started.)

Just in case anyone has the same problem, Xen PV disk driver caused instability for my Windows VMs that were restored from R4.1. Removing this driver makes everything work as expected.