Using vpn after tor - beginner

Hello, I have used the mullvad doc to create a vpn connection and everything works probably. I want to wrap my vpn about tor to use my old email server ( and didn’t get banned ) so my mullvad vpn is working and I cloned my sys-whonix and put it after my mullvad vm so like
sys-net → sys-firewall-> MullvadVPN → sys-whonix → any Template
But even in my sys-whonix I get only the response that I use tor when I use the curl command. So it’s like that my cloned sys -whonix vm place tor infront of my vpn. Maybe do you know how I can place it right? As I ask mullvad I get this answer:

We have no guide for using Whonix and Mullvad.

This is a double post, please delete:

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