Using Qubes to be annonymous in the Middle East?

Is that enough to be safe in this dangerous area "Using qubes "in the Middle East

There are any extra steps to be more safe while using qubes

It probably depends on the political situation. You should evaluate your risk yourself, because only you know the details.

Concerning security: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | Qubes OS

Concerning privacy: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | Qubes OS

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What about usnig VPN over whonix it’s necessary?

It probably depends on your circumstances:

More ways to get more security on Qubes: "Now You're Thinking with Qubes".

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If you feel you’re under threat, you should contact professionals and not simply follow forum advice. AccessNow is a global non-profit that provides a 24h help service for free to the civil society. Although they don’t specialize in Qubes, I would suggest asking them about your specific situation. A lot of the advice they will give is applicable under Qubes (e.g. installing a VPN, using Tor).

Qubes + VPN + browsing in disposable VMs is a good start. This said, the governments in the Middle East vary in technical capacity and resources. So you need to ask about the government where you live - not the Middle East. For example, using Tor in some countries is very likely to point the attention at you because governments will see that you’re using Tor. You need, in addition, to ask about the anonymity of the internet connection itself rather than your laptop. And this might be helpful:

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