Using Qubes OS for lightweight development/scripting?

I am looking forward to using Qubes OS as my daily driver and was wondering if it is good for development, lightweight scripting, docker, and anything not GPU intensive since AppVMs by default don’t have GPU passthrough iirc?

Does anyone here on the forum use it for development besides the Qubes OS devs themselves?

If so, how is your workflow, which qubes are used and how you use them?

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I have a TemplateVM with all the packages I need for dev-related tasks and several AppVMs based on that template for different uses (you can divide work/personal or even have a VM for each project).

Then a vault VM to use with split gpg and another one for split ssh.

Great workflow if you ask me, I wouldn’t go back to a traditional system.


Same here. Using debian in the “normal” way seems weird to me now that I am accustomed to a template + many qubes setup. I can’t imagine letting all the personal data living together in a single home folder together with the many different binaries that are installed in the same system.

Yes Qubes works for those things. If you plan to use it as your only daily driver including consuming media, one thing to keep in mind is that video playback is not so good especially at higher resolutions. If you want to simplify your life and have a smooth and fast daily driver experience, I would actually recommend against Qubes. Depending on the complexity of your needs, the initial time investment for learning and configuring everything can be really high. Take a critical look at your threat model and decide whether or not it requires the advantages Qubes offers or determine what other personal goals or incentives you might have for using it.

Qubes is flexible and you will be able to create a workflow that suits your development needs. I keep it simple and have one app VM based on a template VM that has IDE and other tools installed. Everything else has it’s own VM.