Using qmenu with rofi instead of dmenu?

Hello together,

i would like to use qmenu with rofi instead of dmenu… do i need to customize the qmenu scripts or can i use rofi as an drop in replacement somehow?
I tried to uninstall dmenu, and created a symbolic link from /usr/bin/rofi to /usr/bin/dmenu
but qmenu has dmenu as dependency…
is there a better way to use qmenu with rofi…

Further in the qmenu Readme is noticed:

Everything else, like display options, font size and other colors, is handled by dmenu. Therefore, extensive customization can be achieved by modifying or replacing dmenu with something else like rofi.

That made me aware that there is maybe a better way to do it?
Thanks for your help in Advance.

A Big Cheers and Thanks to the whole Qubes Team & of course the greate Qubes Community for making 4.1 happen! :smiley:

[@dom0]# ln -s /usr/bin/rofi /usr/local/bin/dmenu should do the trick.

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so i dont need to uninstall dmenu before linking?

You are welcome.

Exactly. /usr/local/bin/ has a higher priority than /usr/bin/, in a sense.