Using microphone of a device in sys-audio for AppVMs

Dear Qubes Community,

I’ve successfully configured a sys-audio based on the community guides and am using a bluetooth headset to play audio from all AppVMs. I’ve spent some time searching the forum and google on how to use the microphone of a device within sys-audio for the other AppVMs but could not find anything concrete.

Was somebody able to set this up?
I’ve tried using the bluetooth headsets microphone and have also connected a usb-headset to sys-audio but can only see the mic in pavucontrol of sys-audio.
The Qubes Devices Widget doesn’t show any additional Audio Inputs.

Thanks in Advance!

Long story short, everything works out of the box with sys-audio.
The Qubes Devices Applet shows dom0:mic as the only available input with sys-audio enabled, which confused me.
Forwarding dom0:mic actually forwards the mic in sys-audio to the appvm.