Using GVTg on Qubes OS?

I was wondering if with Qubes OS 4.1 it could be possible to configure the kernel in a way that using GVTg (a iGPU virtualization feature in recent Intel CPUs supporting QEMU and Xen) within qubes would be possible (which would be useful for using Windows inside VMs or more graphics heavy workloads)

I’m not sure of what are the security drawbacks that this approach would have, I am pending to make a more deep investigation into it as I wait for my new computer parts to arrive so I can run Qubes OS again, but I think it could be a nice feature to look into.

It is complicated question. In short it works pretty stable with limitations and we use it with Linux VMs mostly to get hardware support in browser/media. Windows support requires graphic drivers compatible with Qubes GUI.


  • GVTg will not be supported by Qubes Devs because of security reasons
  • Xen upstream doesn’t support it and Intel dev team abandoned Xen, it is KVM only now
  • it requires changes in Qubes core components - Xen, kernel, Libvirt, stubdom.
  • our kernel patches applied up to kernel 5.4.x version, R4.1 has 5.10
  • latest hardware doesn’t support GTVg, it has been abandoned in favor of the SR-IOV solution

Is there any guide how to setup that?

I am reading about Qubes as I want to switch from Debian, but I need GPU acceleration in VM. I was able to use GVTg on Debian with KVM and now try to find how to do that in Xen. But as I understand Qubes == Xen and as such additional steps needed to make that work.