Using external keyboard and mouse on Qubes

i see, so there is worry about USB keyboard firmware,
maybe we can use PS/2 to USB converter, if the desktop doesn’t have PS/2 port,
what do you think ?

yes, i have just realized, that desktop user doesn’t use built-in keyboard and touch pad,
so desktop user is using attached keyboard and mouse (USB or PS/2) ,
then how do we setup these external keyboard and mouse in Qubes ?
By attaching sys-usb to app VM ?
then if we switch appVM , do we have to detach and re-attach sys-usb to other VM ?

how about LCD extension ?
is there firmware inside LCD extension ?
should we worry about this firmware ?


I’m not an expert on the security risks of firmware or of USB controllers. But I’ve certainly heard on this forum that a malicious USB could compromise the firmware of the USB controller with which the USB will have a connection.

I don’t know about LCD extensions. I’m careful with USBs because they’re so common and someone could easily infect them.