Using DoHoT on Pi-Hole

I am trying to currently set up a DNS server with Pi-Hole that passes the DNS requests over HTTPS and Tor. I got the idea from the HitchHiker’s Guide to Anonymity (https(://)anonymousplanet-ng(dot)org/guide.html#your-dns-and-ip-requests), there I found a guide (https(://)github(dot)com/alecmuffett/dohot), however, the guide isn’t the best and is outdated.

On that guide I found the link to the Pi-Hole DNScrypt wiki (https(://)github(dot)com/pi-hole/pi-hole/wiki/DNSCrypt-2.0)
and tried follow the steps they listed. I followed them to the t and the DNS server seems to be working. I then went back to the first, outdated guide and copied the toml file they recommended for DoHoT.

What I was left with was a StandaloneVM based on de11 with Tor, Pi-hole, and DNScrypt configured and installed. I don’t know how I would configure the custom DNS to the downstreamvMS. The most similar post I found was this: https(://)How do I setup a custom DNS in AppVM?.

If anyone has an idea on how to configure DNS over HTTPS over Tor please let me know! I could care less if it’s done through Pi-Hole, it was just the path I stumbled on.