Using BTRFS in Qubes

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Okay I was worried about having to do 20x 10gb increases :slight_smile:

I’ll check out this btrfs.

Yes, I would recommend the same, based on my experience documented here.

Your issue seems a bit different with what I’ve seen on my side but it might be worth giving Btrfs a try. Good luck!

Just read rustybirds github link, which guy on the end says changing to BTRFS fixes everything. I’ll read your post too. But I’m hopeful.

Will try on a new brand new drive a fresh install. But is this ‘btrfs’ setting available in the installation gui? If so I’ll probably find it when I go to do a fresh install, but in case not and you or someone else see my message, please tell me if there’s a special way I need to setup BTRFS before I install.

I’ll report back with my result.

Thank you!

Edit note:

I’m assuming what’s messing up the system is my hard shut downs when LVM is trying to go through the whole partition, I’m not sure I understand it completely, but I do know enough that hard shutdowns in the middle of data operations are never good!

The procedure that I did in the installer GUI to get btrfs is also described here.

As you seem to have access to several drives: Do you also have access to a Samsung 870 EVO 4TB?
I’m asking because I observed a strange freezing problem with my SSD of that type. It would be interesting to see if people with the same type of drive also experience that issue. More info on my observations is here.

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No I ended up getting an ADATA.

Thank you @rustybird and @qpost135 for the btrfs recommendations.

I changed over to that and so far from what I’ve seen performance is better than what happens when do I full restore on LVM. Before whenever I do a full restore it’s all down hill from there.

I’m confident this will likely solve my issue which seems to be similar to others, and also those people in the github threads are way more knowledgable than I. So I’m marking the thread as solved.

Although prior it usually takes a few weeks for these problems to have begun, hopefully this time they won’t, but I’ll update the thread if anything happens.

Thanks all.

Is this cause for concern?

When shutting down I now see in the shut down terminal (pressing escape during shutdown), a red [FAILED] shutdown of dm-0, or something similar, it flashes past the screen so quickly it’s hard to read.

Just hoping this isn’t something leading to my prior OS failures. But I’m not sure what it means.

Thank you.

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