Using a Drobo?

Does anyone use a Drobo and get it to work for their Qubes setup? Drobo’s own official only appears to support Windows & Mac, and the drobo-utils i found on sourceforge requires python (which my Qubes appears to be unable to locate to install, either on Debian or Fedora templates). I have a 5D that I was hoping to use, but no luck so far.
Thanks for any suggestions!

Sorry that I don’t have an answer for you but I wanted to point out something that just happened. Hopefully it will not affect your security posture because there may be no future security updates.

As long as it continues to work for you, thats great, but support in the future may become a problem. I do hope they can stay in business.

Hi @jlariviere

What do you mean by “work” for your Qubes setup?

What exactly do you want it to do?

Do you mean drobo-utils are originally for Python2, and not python3?

I was about to say, every single template in Qubes OS, as well as dom0, has Python installed. The qrexec framework is rather Python-heavy…

Maybe try these:

Well, if you’re adventurous, there’s always this :wink: :

Hi @jlariviere, I have an old gen2 drobo that has (luckily) been working forever. I am actually able to plug it in and get it to work, a bit manual sometimes though. If you need the drobo utilities I was able to get drobo utils to work awhile ago, havent used it since upgrading to 4.1 though.

Sometimes it shows up in devices, other times I have to lsblk then mount it via the term.

Regardless, it should work i would think.

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That brings me back to a long weekend where I hand solved the 256-byte one-time-pad they were (Re-)using for their log-file “encryption”.

Their architect seemed less than pleased.


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Yeesh, didn’t know that, but I suppose it doesn’t surprise me. Their lack of support (in my experience) has been atrocious. Thanks for the link.

I want to be able to view my drobo “drive” on Linux the way I could on Windows or Mac. I’ll check out those links as well. Thanks!