'User Support', 'Heads' category?

@Insurgo’s heads is obviously a separate and unrelated project from Qubes OS. However, since it is a fundamental part of our certified laptops and many Qubes OS users are using it as part of their Qubes OS expirience… I wonder if we should maybe declare it an ‘exception’ to the rule and have a dedicated ‘User Support’ / ‘Heads’ category. This would allow threads about heads to stay visible to all and not be limited to ‘All around Qubes’.

Of course this comes with the danger of the next forum member arguing that Whonix, Tor, GPG, Keepassx or whatever are important parts of many’s Qubes OS experience too. So I am not necessarily advocating for such a category but asking for opinions.

I agree more if there not only heads category, but everything related to linux.
As you already know, everyday member are asked about linux, not the qubes itself.

As example: My nvme broke a week ago, I’ve contacted seagate for a replacement, but still wondering how to fix it or at least get an explanation, who knows people here might have the same experience and can share.

First off, Heads is not mine :slight_smile:
I’m its current maintainer, a lot of contributors participated, there are other forks…

I would advocate for things staying seperate and pointing to proper githubs (heads being bug/code related) where heads-wiki and https://osresearch.net being documentation related.

Otherwise worlds collides and I would not see why Linux related questions, whonix and then Trezor, Librem Keys, Pureboot (Heads) Nitrokey support etc would just all fit right here and I have a hard time separating those on my own. But yet again, this is a tricky question because tapping into Qubes user base, and user’s experience and collaboration is a real advantage… But really risky open door to open, and will be really hard to close after.

Clear opinion: none!
I would love to have more help that is sure, but community answers might also be wrong sometimes, which means I would have to moderate here, on Slack/Matrix, github, customer messages etc…

Advantage point to continue on github and if people want to have some dynamic discussions, slack/matrix is there in the contact section.

If we open Qubes forum to Heads subject, the mandate would need to be really clear. As of right now, most of the questions can be searched and answered through issues if not documented under the wiki and I like it that way. But improvements on how to make it clearer are welcome as well.

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@Insurgo wrote:

tapping into Qubes user base, and user’s experience and collaboration is a real advantage

We have ‘All around Qubes’ for that. The one thing that makes heads special is that it’s preinstalled on the certified laptops.

@51lieal wrote:

not only heads category, but everything related to linux

… that’s what ‘All around Qubes’ is for. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to make it readable for all while restricting posting rights to trust level 2. But you should be able to see and post there.

Well, for adding that sub category, we might need another spam filters for some. People were annoyed for some reasons because ‘they are playing RuneScape for their lives’. Also, Do we need a description for this sub category?