User accounts, installation failure and unprivileged acces


I have a problem with my Qubes configuration.
My system crashed during installation and I went over it a second time. As a result I have two accounts, but 2 applications are refusing to start in either user account (one of them is firefox), they seem to demand the permission of both accounts to run, but I can’t log in to both accounts at the same time and did not find an option to merge accounts.
Also, I seem to be stuck as an unprivileged user.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think the solution is to delete one of the user accounts. Is there a setting in Qubes for this? I didn’t find it anywhere. If not how would I proceed to do this with the command line?

Thank you for your help and your time.

Where are you running Firefox, in a VM? If dom0 is working fine, you can reinstall the template and it should work I guess.

Firefox fails in a Fedora VM, the other application fails in sys-usb if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunatly, Dom0 configuration failed, so it doesn’t look like it’s working fine at the moment.

I am not trying to solve this problem anymore and wish to accomplish a fresh install.
Can I obtain the ISO from my current installation as an unprivilleged user, and the transfer it to USB and boot from it to configure Qubes once more?
The machine I am having ussue with is the only trusted machine I have at my disposition, so I do not wish to install the ISO from the internet with another computer and I think I’m having issue verifying signature because of the unprivileged access issue on the trusted one.

Sorry if I use incorrect terminology. Should I start a new topic with this? The title misleads a bit now.